Most people call me Rob, but sometimes I go by Bobby. I’m a simple guy at my roots; I love my home state of Arizona, a great cup of coffee, my loyal dog Bandit, a fresh pair of shoes, and last-minute camping trips! 
Designing has always been my first passion, and my greatest outlet for self-expression.  I find joy in all design languages, and am always looking for a new challenge, and to push myself - and my craft - each year.
I’m a work-horse with a big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit.  I have an eye for detail, and I’m always studying, researching, and discovering the world around me - looking for unique ways to translate those moments into fresh ideas and creative solutions. 
The opportunity to create exciting and amazing new products and experiences, all with like-minded people, are just a few reasons why I’m passionate about being a designer.
Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about me!  Looking forward to working together.

- Robert Batorski
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